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You Asked for it and We Deliver!

All New Super Fat Custom Wheel Program

You choose the Rim and Hub and we'll build it for you.
All wheels built by the finest master wheelbuilders in the U.S.

Our Super Fat rims and hubs have become a hot trend for building wide tire bikes. And why not? Wide tire bikes are not only cool, they are extremely comfortable to ride. Until now, we have offered very few completely built wide wheels and have only offered the Super Fat rims and hubs separately. We have teamed up with the largest and most reputable wheel building company in the country and are launching a new custom Super Fat wheel program in which you can choose the rim size and color, and hub you want and our master wheel builders will build it to order...just for you! And best of all, you can order your custom wheels right here online, right now. Once we receive your order we will go to work assembling your wheels to your specifications and within approximately 3-4 weeks (potentially a little longer during the busy season) your new wheels will be delivered to your door. And best of all, your wheels will be built to the highest quality standards in the industry, and at a price far less that the cost of having them built locally.


Here’s how it works:

1) Click on the category in our web store called “Custom Super Fat Wheels”.

2) Select the outer rim size and color you want and click on it – we offer 20", 24” and 26” rims, in 2.5 inch (65mm), 3inch (80mm), and 4 inch (100mm) widths in silver or black anodized finish.

3) On the rim product page, using the drop down menu, select the hub configuration (front, rear and type/color) you want – the website will present a photo of the hub as well as the price for your wheel build. And best of all, our website will only offer you hubs and rims that work together! 4) Add the item to your cart and go through the check out process. We will email you an order acknowledgement right away. In 3-4 weeks we will ship your custom wheel(s) right to your door. Please note - all of our wheels are built with stainless steel spokes and a standard lacing pattern as we have found these work best for both strength and durability with our wide rims and hubs. We do not offer black or colored spokes or unique lacing patterns at this time. Also, due to the high demand we unfortunately run out of some sizes/colors of wide rims and hubs. Our selection of items online shows all available options at that particular time.


About the Quality of Our Custom Built Super Fat Wheels:

All of our wheels start out being built by hand by master builders who have spent decades learning their craft. Once the wheels are laced, they are put into a state-of-the-art robotic truing machine, which tightens the spokes and aligns the wheel to within 1/10th of a millimeter tolerances in all directions. Then the wheel is pre-stressed to simulate the initial stress put on a wheel when riding and then re-tensioned, re-aligned and quality checked once again. No other wheel builder can match these tolerances or quality control. And the result is you get a perfect wheel every time.


About Super Fat Wheel Sizes:

If you are using a standard beach cruiser and want to know if you can use Super Fat wheels in your standard production frame the answer is yes! Our 2.5” (65mm) rims and wheels will fit most standard production frames while still allowing proper chain and frame clearance. And in many cases you can even mount a 3” wide tire on that wheel too and still fit a standard frame! If you want to go wider you will have to use a frame like our Super Fat Chopper or build a custom frame to ensure the rear stays (where the wheel mounts) and bottom bracket (where the pedals mount) are wide enough.


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